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All Terrain Vehicle Insurance

The need for an ATV is beginning to grow in the past years. Whether you are a trail rider, hunter, rancher or you live in a gated community, in order to protect your units properly, you must have an ATV policy in force. Our policies take the worry out of whether or not it is covered.


Shackelford Insurance Agency will give you the liability coverage to protect you against an accident and it will cover the unit itself in case of damage due to a theft, fire, vandalism or collision. Insurance companies have different set of rules for providing coverage for ATVs, depending on the vehicle type. Call us to discuss your needs.

 •  Fleet insurance

 •  SR-22 insurance

 •  Liability insurance

 •  Comprehensive and collision (full coverage)

Whether you're a company looking for coverage for your fleet vehicles or someone looking for a personal auto policy for your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle, we've got the policy you need.

Our ATV insurance coverage


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